rebuilding with diversity

We are the experts for Govt and utility work.

Specializing in government projects ranging from road construction to infrastructure development, we boast expertise in ensuring regulatory compliance and timely completion. Whether it involves laying utility lines or repairing existing infrastructure, our skilled team possesses the resources and capabilities to efficiently and effectively execute the task at hand.

We are the experts for Retail and general contractors work.

We specialize in building spaces that captivate customers and drive sales. Whether its residential or commercial projects, we have the expertise to handle it all. From renovations to new construction, our skilled professionals deliver quality workmanship and timely completion, exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

Quality First

We believe in proactive measures to prevent accidents and hazards before they occur. Our team is trained to identify potential risks and take swift action to address them, ensuring a secure workplace for everyone involved. We strictly adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to the well-being of our employees and partners.


We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering products and services that meet the highest standards of quality. From the materials we use to the craftsmanship that goes into every project, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.


As a certified company, Karma holds itself to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our certifications reflect our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients.

Where We Work

Karma is proud to serve the state of Alabama. Our team is based here and dedicated to delivering quality paving, construction, and utility services across the entire state. Our local focus allows us to understand the specific needs and challenges of each area we work in.

Looking for a quality paving and concrete expert for your next project?